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We provide a Landy Game Viewer for you to drive and to explore the property , to hopefully see some game and to experience the tranquility. Sundowners at a vantage point or river crossing are a must.

Game Viewer


Our original ,mission when we bought the first farm in 2006 was to establish a private spot to enjoy mountain biking. With help of the zebras and eland in the main, we now have over 70 kms of trails through the kloofs . When coupled with all of the other tracks it is possible to do three fifty km rides with out duplicating a route.


It can get extremely hot on a windless summer day. Fortunately we are only 80 kms from the coast and mostly the cool breeze from the south keeps the temperatures down. But irrespective a pool is necessary and each of the 3 camps offers a shaded spot to recline and relax with the odd dip whilst enjoying the unique vistas.

Swimming at Doornrivier
Hiking at Doornrivier


For those that love walking there is lots to see and explore. The highest peak is Witteberg peak and from there the views are spectacular. Walking offers a chance to spot and enjoy the small things - Especially the succulents for which the Klein Karoo is famous for. So bring your hiking shoes. Obviously for those that love trail running - J&J's is heaven.


We started off with 2500 hectares of overgrazed sheep farm. We have added another 3 farms to create a reserve that has 9 kms of the Doornrivier running through it Smaller rivers and springs help sustain a rich floral population that has allowed us to reintroduce species that were common here at one time and so we have Kudu, Eland, Black Widebeest, Plains Zebra and Springbok roaming the property again.


We have also introduced Giraffe and Gemsbok which compliment the naturally occurring Ardvark, Jackal, Rooikat, Steenbok and other species. The area is renowned for its abundance of species of succulents and flowers that pop up after the spring rains.

Doornrivier Wildlife
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